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Spring Newsletter

Hope you all had a meaningful Easter.  David and I are so thankful for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

1 John 3:17  But if anyone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need and refuses to help, how can God's love be in that person?

Divine Junior School has completed its first term.  I have received some report cards, but more are to come soon.  Students will resume classes in early May.  We are pleased with all the work the staff has done to make this term a success.  The kids have been excited to return to school on a regular schedule. The parent/caregiver conferences held by the teachers were very well attended. We have wonderful teachers committed to helping all kids to reach their learning potentials. The school now has 179 students enrolled.  We currently have 61 students sponsored by 35 donors!  Praise God!

You may contact your child anytime through, divinesoccerministry@gmail.com

July 10 - July 24 are the dates for our mission trip to Masaka.  School will be in session, so there will be much for us to do.  We need people to join me.  You need a shot for yellow fever, a current passport and a Ugandan visa.  You will need a negative Covid PCR test, 72 hours prior to boarding plane going and returning. Plane fares have increased due to world conditions.  Including taxes and fees, they cost around $1700.00.  Your stay there will be $1000.00 in a modest motel and includes your food.  Cost of passport, a little over $100.00, visa $50.00, yellow fever shot is $300.00.  We will have a great time sharing with our Ugandan hosts.  There will be street ministry opportunities, meeting kids and families, bible study and prayer meetings, interacting with the elderly and other church ministries.  We will hold Zoom meetings to teach those going along about the culture and customs, as well as build relationships with one another and Christ.  We really hope you will consider being a part of this mission trip.  We have applications for anyone wanting to go and will need to have them completed ASAP. Pray about it.

Pius, Julian and Shalom are expecting an addition to the family in early May.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Enjoy the emergence of Spring everyone.  We are so very grateful for your generous support.

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